HCP Tools (1.0.20)

HCP Tool (hcpt) offers some functions that might be useful when working with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP):

  • Calculate the access token needed to access an authenticated namespace or the Management API
  • Load HCP with test data
  • List the content of a namespace (or parts of it)
  • Change the retention of objects within HCP
  • Delete objects from HCP, supporting Purge and Privileged Delete


Some commands may have severe impact on a production HCP:

load - if you load data into a namespace running in ‚compliance‘ mode while setting a retention for the ingested objects, you will not be able to delete these objects before the retention has expired!

retention - you might lock data in longer retention then wanted if you use an incorrect retention string - please refer to ‚Using a Namespace‘ on how to form this string!

unload - you might delete (purge) objects under retention in a namespace in ‚enterprise‘ mode.