Compare the content of two namespaces (or two directory trees)?

Generate a list of all objects for each of the namespaces (or directory trees):

hcpt --user ns1 --password ns101 -v -l hcp1.log -i3 \
     list --cluster ns1.matrix.hcp1.vm.local --dir /rest \
     --database hcp1_db --keepDB --fatDB --nooutfile
hcpt --user ns1 --password ns101 -v -l hcp2.log -i3 \
     list --cluster  ns1.matrix.hcp2.vm.local --dir /rest \
     --database hcp2_db --keepDB --fatDB --nooutfile

You’ll end up with two files, hcp1_db and hcp2_db, each containing a SQLite3 database. You’ll also have two logfiles, hcp1.log and hcp2.log, at whose end you’ll find the number of objects found.

Now, prepare a command file cmd.sqlite with this content:

attach database hcp2_db as hcp2;
.header on
.output compare.txt
select min(urlname) from
(Select urlname, size, retentionstring
 from main.flist
 Union all
 Select urlname, size, retentionstring
 from hcp2.flist
) tmp
group by urlname
having count(*) = 1
order by urlname;

Run sqlite3 to find the differences between the namespaces (or directory trees):

sqlite3 -init cmd.sqlite hcp1_db

You’ll end up with a file compare.txt, holding the paths/names of those objects available in only one namespace (or directory tree).